Heiress of the Empire (technocracygirl) wrote in immortals_club,
Heiress of the Empire


Friends, enemies, allies, and neutrals, welcome!

Over my years, I have had a change to meet with many of you, and found my life enriched by meeting with people whom I saw every century or so. I have continued correspondences with some of you, and have moved that correspondence to the telephone, and even the internet.

It is in that vein that I open this mesage board to all of you. I hope that we shall all be adults about this, and that we shall be polite despite any irritations or squabbles we may hold in our pasts.

I hope that this can become a place of reminisces, of complaining about the current generations, and a place for some sort of support in a world changing remarkably quickly and remarkably slowly.

again, I bid you welcome.
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